Fabletics: Lifestyle Changes

The fashion industry’s always been a difficult place to succeed. Where most fail, only a few succeed. After the e-commerce boom, the number of successful fashion brands rose. Still, the fashion industry is ever-changing and recently, it moved on to activewear. Activewear perfectly combines functionality with comfort.

Currently, Amazon is the go-to online shop for everything. A lot of people shop for clothes on Amazon or through an Amazon portal. Any case, Amazon controls 20 percent of the entire fashion e-commerce market. On top of that, brands like Under Armour and Lululemon dominate the activewear market.

Despite the many disadvantages of joining the activewear movement, Fabletics managed to carve out a huge piece of success. It’s even challenging Amazon for the top spot as the country’s number activewear retailer. Since 2013, when the brand launched, Fabletic’s grown by 200 percent, reaching fans and members in other countries.

People love the passion and quality that comes from Fabletics. It’s not a brand that focuses on profits or uses philanthropy as a selling point. Fabletics actually wants women to be inspired by their lines and feel their best when taking that first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

That personal connection is something the brand gets from Kate Hudson, one of its co-founders. She’s really the driving force behind all of Fabletic’s passion and commitment. She’s known for her acting skills and fashion choices, but she wants to become an advocate for health and fitness.

As a working mom, she knows how hard it is to stay healthy and stay on track. Not everyone can just change overnight and become fitness gurus. That’s why Fabletics creates on-trend activewear for affordable prices. She wants women to feel comfortable getting to a healthier place at their own pace.

That kind of attention to detail comes across beautifully to customers. Nearly all the 1.2 million members of Fabletics constantly praise the brand. All that online praise brings a lot of potential new members to Fabletics. Most of them find Fabletic’s lifestyle quiz, which allows them to see what products Fabletic’s personalized service recommends they’d like.

In fact, many executives at the company credit the brand’s success to online reviews. Online reviews have grown in popularity because they’re the only honest opinions about a company’s products or services.


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